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Pat B

Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science

Crossfit Level 1

Crossfit Level 2

Crossfit Olympic Lifting Trainers Course

Crossfit Power Lifting trainers Course

CrossFit Competitors Course

I have always been into sports and was only somewhat into fitness. I spent eight years in the Marine Corps, where fitness was a necessity. After learning about Crossfit while on a deployment to Afghanistan, it just made sense. It was fast, effective, and kept me hooked. I first got certified in hopes of becoming a better athlete. After I began to coach, I fell in love with it. I cant explain how satisfying it is to watch someone step outside of their comfort zone and achieve new things. My mindset of coaching has changed over the years. When I started, I cared more about CrossFit, the training, and the sport. Now I care more about the people. It has made me a better coach and built better relationships with members.

Scott S.

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Judges Course

CrossFit Scaling Course

CrossFit Spot the Flaw Course

I lost my Crossfit-cherry in 2014. I was fat, bloated, and deconditioned, I could not deadlift half my body weight, had no pull-ups, few sit-ups, and struggled to do four pushups without stopping for a snack. I was working to qualify for the US Olympic shooting team and wanted to get into shape to compete with the younger shooters. That dream died with the Rio Olympic Games. By then I had fallen into love with CrossFit. Since 2014 I have lost 80 pounds of fat and gained 30 pounds of muscle. I have competed in several local competitions. Including the state Olympic Weightlifting meet. In the 2017 CrossFit Open I ranked as the 573 fittest man in my age group (top 16%). I know I can do better! I enjoy coaching new and experienced athletes and have a keen interest in getting people my age back into shape. My greatest thrill as a coach is helping a new members learn to move better and improve their fitness so they can enjoy more of life.

Anna L.

BS in nutrition science

CrossFit Level 1 trainer

Attending southern miss for my second BS in dietetics

I grew up swimming competitively and being active. After high school, I attended a college in northern Minnesota and got my first taste of freedom and fast food. I joined the corporate world and my eating habits became worse and worse. In my 20s I decided to join the Air Force and it was then that I was introduced to CrossFit. I fell in love with the sport and knew that I needed to clean up my diet in order to feel my best. I have always enjoyed helping others and became a trainer to help others attain their fitness goals. Nutrition also became my focus, so much so, that I decided to separate from the air force to pursue my dream of becoming a registered dietician

Laura M.

Bachelors in Athletic Training

Masters in Exercise Science

Certified Athetic Trainer/ Licensed Athletic Trainer in MS

CrossFit Level 1

CPR/ AED Certified

I have always been competitive and into sports as far back as I can remember, playing softball along with field events in track until graduating high school in 2009. Once in college, I let myself go with eating terrible and incorporating lots of booze. When I was in grad-school I had gained a significant amount of weight and knew I had to do something, so I started crossfit in the spring of 2014. After my first workout I was hooked and knew this was what I needed and I’ve enjoyed it ever since. I didn’t start GPX until Aug of 2015 and I instantly fell in love with the community and programming, in which led me to get my level 1 a year and a half later and start coaching here. With being a coach, my athletic training background has become handy because if an athlete is having pain I can do a quick eval to see what the issue is and instantly give them an alternative exercise or workout along with rehab and stretches to help. My passion is more on the lifting aspect of crossfit as it came pretty natural to me, so most of the time you will find me with a barbell in my hands. I love spreading my knowledge on skills or lifts, along with what has helped me along the way since I once started at ground 0. Nothing makes me more proud than seeing an athlete get a PR when they had their doubts about a lift, or getting there first pullup especially those that are always working extra or constantly asking questions.

Eric R.

CrossFit Level 1

I'm from Vacaville California (NorCal) where I lived there for 21 years, then enlisting in the US Air Force in 2006. During my time in the Air Force I have done a lot of running and traditional weightlifting. In 2010 I was introduced to Crossfit by a fellow Coach (Anna) and have stuck with it ever since.. Was a little skeptic as first, but my very first workout was "Fight Gone Bad" and knew right away that I was all about Crossfit due to my competitiveness trying to beat my fellow peers (even though I finished last in that workout). This made me become more humble as I thought I was in the best shape running and lifting, but combining them together in a workout was a game changer. Being in the Air Force we have to maintain a certain level of fitness year round and Crossfit has been the perfect balance I needed. Having learned all these new skills, made me want to pass on my knowledge and help my fellow gym members become the best they can be. In 2016 I successfully passed my Crossfit Level 1 and began my coaching career and has made me become even hungrier to make sure everyone pushes themselves to become the best they have ever been

Cheyenne L.

Bachelors in Kinesiology

Secondary Degree in Gerontology, Minor in Biology

CrossFit Level 1

Functional Intensity (FIT) Undergraduate in Research Assistant

Sports have been apart of my life as long as I can remember. I was blessed to have my dad coach me from age 5 to 16 in a variety of sports (soccer, softball, basketball). In high school I underwent two knee surgeries and learned to live and rehabilitate from injuries while still running Cross Country and Track, claiming a few championships along the way. While in college, I stumbled upon CrossFit and gradually fell in love with the new skills I was learning, the community it fostered, and the revival of the competitor within me. As an undergraduate I worked in a research lab that tested the effects of CrossFit in people’s lives. There I learned not only how CrossFit benefits athletes socially, but also how it brings encompassing health to people of all abilities and ages. After working on a published manuscript for Cancer Survivors and CrossFit, my professor encouraged to run my own pilot study on the effects of older adults and CrossFit. This study and my dad’s influence throughout the years spurred me to get my Level 1 in 2016. Since then I have coached in gyms in Kansas, Colorado and currently I’m proud to call Gulfport CrossFit home.

Interested In Coaching?

Gulfport CrossFit is always open to bringing on new knowledgeable coaches. If you are currently CrossFit certified or looking to attain CrossFit certification and are willing to put the work in to becoming a well rounded coach, then contact us.