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GPX Burn Boot Camp

Welcome to GPX  Burn Bootcamp

Welcome to GPX Burn Bootcamp, presented by Gulfport CrossFit, and congratulations for choosing to take this next step in making your health and fitness a priority for you and us. This packet will help to familiarize you with our process, training methods, and community.

GPX Burn is a premier six-week, four days a week conditioning and body transformation program via high-intensity functional training (HIFT). GPX Burn is dedicated to assisting you in kickstarting a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition. From the time you join, you are welcomed and given direction to your health and fitness goals. We take a special interest in every member to understand your fitness level, capacity, limits, and goals. Each session will be led by seasoned coaches, using scientifically tested exercises and methods that are guaranteed to increase your endurance, stamina, strength and flexibility. Throughout the program, GPX Burn coaches will guide you along a nutritional lifestyle that supports your activity and not body fat.

Our program is designed to be infinitely adjustable to suit all ages and fitness levels and to allow each member to push their own limits as fitness and health increases.

Our biggest strength is the community of like-minded people that are driven to not only see their own health improve, but to see those around them improve as well.

What's Included

6-Week Comprehensive Program

4-Workouts a week in the gym

2-Take home workouts per week

-Nutrition Guidance

-Body Measurements and Tracking

-Sample Meal plans

-Goal Setting

What to Expect

Our coaches will teach you and guide through every workout

You will build muscle and burn fat

You will learn how to make food work for you

You will become part of a community of people that care about themselves and each other

This will be a starting point for health and fitness that will boost your overall quality of life

What you won't find here

Gym intimidation

Fad Diets

UnQualified coaches

Methods and workouts that have not been tested

Bad egos

Unsafe training

We are 100% dedicated to to a fun, safe, effective training environment