9465 Creosote Rd Suite 300F
Gulfport, MS 39507
phone: (228)297-2335

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The GPX Experience

Are you ready to change your routine, to find that drive, make noticeable change, and have fun in the gym?

Gulfport CrossFit is a premier strength and conditioning gym that is dedicated to your personal success. From the time you join, you are welcomed and given direction to your health and fitness goals. We take a special interest in every member that joins us. We know and understand your level, capacity, limits, and goals. We train you to reach them. Every day in the gym is like personal training in a group atmosphere. A coach will guide you and a community will drive you. We push each other, we cheer on our fellow GPX CrossFitters, and we celebrate each other’s successes. We train with functional scientifically proven exercises and methods that are guaranteed to increase your strength, conditioning, endurance, and health

If this sounds like the push you need and the community that you want to be a part of, then contact us immediately to find out how to get involved.

Our coaches are waiting to talk to you about scheduling your first class, whether you are a beginner or experienced in the gym

In the beginning you will be introduced to our community and workouts will be modified to fit your capacity. You will workout along side people of all different walks of life and fitness levels with a knowledgable coach leading you.

Contact us now to get started

There are no start up fees and contracts are optional

Membership Rates

Special New Year Discounts available for beginners. Email for more information
Individual $120
Military $110
Family $200
Punch Card $100

Gym Rules

  • Be on time…or do burpees
  • Introduce yourself to new people.
  • Chalk stays in the buckets.
  • Pay attention during instruction.
  • Clean your equipment and area.
  • DO NOT drop empty bars or bars with 10lb plates, ever
  • DO NOT sacrifice technique for speed
  • Put all gear back in the correct place and order (yeah, I’m a bit OCD)
  • Leave all personal drama outside
  • Blow off steam, have fun, learn new things, and be better than yesterday!
  • If you want to learn more, then arrive early/ stay late. Ask coaches and practice on your own.
  • ASK questions. Ask for help. We don’t expect you to know everything.
  • No cheating or whining.
  • Never say you can’t.
  • Be supportive and considerate of others. Remember, you were there once!!
  • Keep track of your times and weights. You’re coming for a reason, don’t waste. We spend a lot of time on the programming and expect you to know what weights you used previously so we can adjust and make you stronger!
  • TRY HARD. Work hard. Effort earns respect. Be optimistic and push yourself.
  • GO HEAVY or go home. The only way to get stronger is to increase the loads. Push your limits. How do you know if you can’t do something if you have never tried.

GPX Drop In Poilicy

We do welcome out of town CrossFitters yet we have stipulations in order maintain a focus on our training. Please familiarize yourself with our policy.
  • Must have at minimum 3 months CrossFit experience in a CrossFit gym
  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to class. if you are late or not completely ready to start on time, you will not be allowed to workout at that time.
  • Please understand that our main focus will be our regular members. Your drop in is a community courtesy and we can not afford to spend all of our class time on drop ins
  • Please do not call for directions. We are most likely getting ready for a class. Check the map on the Home Page, thats what its there for.
  • No outside programming is allowed during class times. If you are well versed and follow separate programming, you may email us and ask about possible open gym times.