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January 3, 2014

January 02, 2014

Warm UpWarm Up:4min Ankle achilles work (floss bands/ barbell smash/ La’x ball smash) 2x Hip mobility drill, 20 Ham Kicks each, 5 Inch Worms, 10 Strict Push Ups, Banded Hurdler stretch, Banded squat


1) Box Jump: 10×1 @ 90% max height

2) Tabata

Toes to Bar

Sit ups

Hand Stand Hold

Ball Slam



1) Box Jump: 5 min to find a max height box jump, then 5×1@ 85%

2) Tabata

Knees to elbow- or- hanging knee raise

Sit ups

Plank (weighted if possible)

Ball Slam

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