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December 9, 2013

Warm Up: 2x 30sec Hang/ Squat, 2x Hip Mobility Drill 2x PVC (dislocate, good morning, front squats) 20 Lying KB rotations each arm 20 KB slasher to halo PVC/ Barbell clean drill 1)Clean and jerk: 6×2+1 @75% (2 cleans+ 1 jerk) 6×1@ 85% 2)3rds 30 Walking Lunges 30 Slam...

December 6, 2013

Warm Up: 2x 30sec hang 30sec squat Banded Lat Pull, Banded Front rack, 2x PVC (dislocates, good mornings, pillar squats) 3rds “cindy” 1) Strict Press 3×3@85% 2) Push Press 5×5@70% *If you do not have maxes on these lifts, do them today 3) Unbroken (all sets...

December 5, 2013

1) 15 minutes: mobility work Foam roll/ La’x ball on sore and tight muscles, then spend a few minutes in dynamic positions 2) 15 minutes: Weakness/ Skill Training choose 1-2 weaknesses or skills and work on them. No heavy weights 3)3rds 2min Row 2min Rest 4) 3rds 1min...

December 4, 2013

Warm Up: Hip Mobility Drill (1min each position) 20 Dirty Dogs & DOnkey Kicks ea. 20 Ham kicks, 10 Wall Squats, 5 Stripper Stretch 2x PVC (dislocate, good morning, pillar squat) 1) Back squat 2x5@70%, 3x5@75% 2)AMRAP 10 7 Wall Ball Shots 7 Deficit Push Ups 7 Dead Lift (155/105)

December 3, 2013

Warm Up: 2min Double Under, 2x Hip Mobility Drill Banded Hurdler Stretch, Banded Squat 20 Frankensteins, 10 Wall Squats, 5 Inch worms   1) Box Jump: 6×2@80%, 12×2@85% *These are percentages of your max height box jump. *If you have not established a max height jump yet, then...